Awesome Autumn Concert Vibes...

Well, what a great night we had on Wednesday this week! It was our Autumn Spectacular, and we really were quite the spectacle!

Quite a mixed programme we had, a few from the musicals, a few from the Pomp and Circumstance of the Last Night of the Proms, with a surprise for Sue in the form of an amended version of Wonderful World, words written by our much beloved Trudy! Without wanting to give away the secret, I just told Sue that if "something unexpected was to happen, just go with it!". If only the audience could have seen the face we could see! Don't think we quite put her off her piano playing, but we had a good try!

Feedback was particularly great on this occasion, which is always nice to receive, but this time around it really was very warm and gratefully received, from a healthy sized audience, which was lovely to see especially since it was a mid-week bash!

We keep going from strength to strength, and the addition of the men has really inspired us all to raise the bar from one performance to the next. Panic not, we will never loose our "MC Wingers" status ;-)

So, thanks to everyone who came, sang, supported, clapped, whatever your capacity was, just a great big thanks!

See you at the next one - Saturday 10th December, Carols For All.

H x

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