Claire talks singing and our joint gig with 5ways Barbershop Harmony Chorus

Back in April, the MC Singers were asked if we wanted to share the stage with another local group, 5Ways Barbershop Harmony Chorus, in a concert in Banbury’s St Mary’s church.

If you haven’t been in St Mary’s, please try and take the chance if it arises as it’s a fabulous venue with an amazing acoustic for performances.

Singing with 5Ways was so much fun, we did a couple of sets each of our own material plus one combined number. We have managed to recruit some men to the MC Singers but it was amazing to have a whole load more to sing with!

The experience of doing a shared programme was both nerve wracking (have you heard 5Ways? They’re awesome!) and exciting. It really got us out of our comfort zone and was a great learning experience. Singing in a new venue always takes some getting used to but is great for helping you learn new techniques. You really have to project in St Mary’s as the high domed roof really carries the sound away from you, it can sound like you’re singing by yourself as you can’t hear your neighbours so you really have to trust in your music and conductor.

We’d love to do more joint concerts so if you’re in your own group and you’d be interested, please get in touch with us!

Did you know:

  • singing releases endorphins?

  • all types of singing have positive psychological effects?

  • choral singers rate their satisfaction with life higher than non-singers?

  • singing is an aerobic exercise?

So basically, singing makes you fit and happy! What more reason could you want for joining your friendly local choral society or choir?

I love the choir because it never fails to cheer me up after even the worst of days. You know the ones – where everything goes wrong, you’re in a bad mood, your family are driving you crazy, your boss has turned into a dragon, your hair won’t go right and you’ve run out of wine.

MC Singers is always looking for new members (especially men! We need you!) so, if you’ve always wondered about joining a choir but never really got round to it, now’s the time! And before you say ‘but I can’t sing’, remember that less than 2% of the population are tone deaf & even deaf people can learn to sing!

Singing is like any other hobby, the more you practice, the better you get. We don’t hold auditions to join and you won’t have to sing on your own in front of anyone (unless you want to!). Plus, we are really friendly and quite often have wine.

Join now – Wednesdays 18:30 to 20:00 in the library, subs are a mere £1 .50 a week.

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