And so we head into the autumn....

It seems the year is romping along at it's usual hectic pace!! I can't quite believe we have now arrived in October, and I'm so behind with updating this blog! Here I am....finally!

Thank you to our alto Claire Kneller who provided us with a great blog, and my apologies for not having posted this sooner! Especially after she took the time to provide it! She mentions the great concert that we did with 5Ways Barbershop Harmony Chorus, and it really was a great experience, and a great night. Here's hoping we get asked to join them again!

Our summer concert at Cherwell Edge Golf Club went down a storm. It was our first "proper" concert with our gentleman's section, and quite frankly it was great. 5Ways BHC very kindly lent us their risers so it meant that not only could everyone see Sue, Heidi couldn't hide behind the front row ;-) It really did give us a much better volume as we weren't singing into the backs of the people in front of us. So, if anyone fancies giving us a few (quite a few!) grand, we'd like some of our own! Oh, and somewhere to store them! In the absence of a mystery benefactor or a lottery win, we shall give thanks to 5Ways BHC, and hope that they're generous enough to lend them to us again in the future!

The autumn term has started and we once again have the opportunity to welcome new members who have joined us. We're always glad to welcome new people, and they've joined at a great time when we're all starting new things together. Don't let this put you off though if you randomly decide to join one week, we can always help new members catch up!

The autumn brings us a few new concert dates, mostly around Christmas, but one specific date to mention is Wednesday 9th November. Tickets are £5 and £3 for concessions, available from choir members and Middleton Cheney Library. This will be a showcase of songs from the shows, some old, some new, and a few other tunes thrown in for good measure! It will be at All Saint's Church, Middleton Cheney, details will be posted on the website and on our Facebook page.

I think that brings us up to date, the nights are drawing in, so all the more reason to join a great little (ish!) community singing group! Wednesday nights at the library in Middleton Cheney 6.30pm - 8.00pm, be there, or be an unsinging person!

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