A Bit Of A Do......

Well, it's difficult to believe we're coming to the end of February, and we've only just managed to enjoy our inaugural Christmas Dinner! And what a grand time we had!

This week, instead of our rehearsal, we had a fantastic meal at The Butler's Pantry in Middleton Cheney.

One of the best things about this, was the fact that we all had the opportunity to have a chat and catch up with each other, and also chat to people we perhaps don't know so well due to them sitting in other parts of the choir. Strictly speaking, we're not supposed to witter away during rehearsals, but inevitably we all do at some point during the evening, because for quite a few people, it's the only time during the week we can see our "Wednesday night friends"! So, here we had carte blanche to chat with whomever we chose for as long as we wanted, without risk of missing out on some vital musical information! And we could even bring wine!!

I must make special mention of the venue. We were first invited to The Butler's Pantry to do a spot of Carol singing in December, which was a very enjoyable evening, so with the help of our much beloved Maggie, she very kindly managed to negotiate for us to have our get together there, which was ideal. Nobody minded a hoot chosing in advance from the delicious menu provided, and you really couldn't find fault with anything. The food was served hot, and was plentiful, and the staff were just excellent, and coped brilliantly with our full house demands!

All hail The Butler's Pantry, and all who dined in her! Here's to the next social event.....all that remains is to agree on the next date!

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