2015....A Year In Review

2015 has been a busy year for the MC Singers, and a changing year for the choir in general.

The performance calendar has been jam packed this year, taking in venues old and new, always presenting new challenges. We have supported events at the primary school, the village fete, All Saint's Church and the village hall, we supported the national Big Draw weekend, and have hosted concerts of our own, the most successful of all I think has to be our summer concert at Cherwell Edge Golf Club.

Sing For Your Supper at Cherwell Edge Golf Club was a resounding success, and gave our annual summer concert not only a new venue, but also a new format. Traditionally this has been an "end of term" type affair, with nibbles at a local pub after, but 2015 saw the concert take on a more formal approach. Tickets were sold, at a very reasonable price, and included the plate of the day at the club, followed by an accomplished repertoire of songs. The event was a complete sell out, where we had over 55 guests, putting us at 80 including the choir! We also raised in the region of £250 for Against Breast Cancer, a cause very close to our Musical Director's heart. I think it's safe to say a great time was had by all, and we have decided to host our 2016 summer concert at Cherwell Edge Golf Club in the same way. Details of date etc will follow in the New Year.

We also revisited the Cornhill Centre in Banbury to put on a gig for the Parkinson's Support group. They requested a "Last Night Of The Proms" type evening, with some war songs too, so we donned our Union Jack regalia and there was some great audience participation. We were even asked for an encore!

The autumn season saw the arrival of the men! Some had returned from the previous year, and some had sort of unwittingly talked themselves into joining whilst supporting an event in 2014! Not wanting to go back on their word, they dutifully turned up and put their heart and soul into their new short term hobby. Who would have imagined they would have enjoyed it so much, that they all convinced each other to return after Christmas, and have a go at singing something other than Christmas songs?! And very welcome they are too.

Over the last 3.5 years we have grown and grown, and each year brings something new. We are always happy to receive new members, regardless of musical ability, age, gender, etc etc, turn up and sing, that's all we ask!

Here's to 2016, may it bring us all back together to get cracking on some new pieces, and planning our new challenges. Happy New Year everyone, and thank you to those who have diligently supported us at all of our gigs......if you follow us long enough, we will make you sing ;-)

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